Building a world where people better understand, value, and safeguard freshwater biodiversity.


The Alliance for Freshwater Life (AFL) is an interdisciplinary network of scientists, conservation professionals, educators, policy experts, creative professionals, and engaged citizens, working to improve the conservation and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems and the biodiversity therein.


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Bringing freshwater diversity to the forefront of the global environmental agenda


What we're doing to make a difference

The Alliance works with governments, civil society, and the private sector, with efforts in five core areas:

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We coordinate and support efforts that examine the status, trends, and drivers of change in freshwater biodiversity.

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Data & Synthesis

We compile, manage, synthesize, and provide access to freshwater biodiversity data.

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We inform, support, connect, and implement freshwater conservation efforts throughout the world.

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Education & Outreach

We raise the profile of freshwater biodiversity worldwide through education and public engagement.

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We engage with policy-makers and provide the scientific evidence needed to make informed decisions related to the conservation of freshwater biodiversity.

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Despite global commitments to the conservation of freshwater life, freshwater diversity (both functional and genetic) is disappearing at an alarming rate.

Watch this 2014 interview with Co-founder Will Darwall to learn more:


Together, we can create a more powerful force for change.