Join our Special Session at the 2019 Society for Freshwater Science meeting!


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We're delighted to announce that we are hosting a special session at the 2019 Society for Freshwater Science meeting in Salt Lake City!


Here is the description of our session, titled “S19: The Alliance for Freshwater Life - fostering multidisciplinary freshwater research on local to global scales”

Global pressures on freshwater ecosystems are high and rising. Viewed primarily as a resource for humans, current land use and water management practice have led to catastrophic declines in freshwater species and the degradation of freshwater ecosystems, including their genetic and functional diversity. Scientific research is essential to inform good decision making and for establishing the socio-economic context for sustainable water management. To reach these aims, an improved understanding of all facets of freshwater biodiversity is required. Knowledge gaps are particularly pertinent about the distribution and status of freshwater biodiversity across spatial and temporal scales, how freshwater biodiversity could be better integrated into the landscapes of the Anthropocene, and which data and knowledge are needed to balance human needs with sustaining biodiversity. We aim at a synthesis of current research in the field and invite contributions from multidisciplinary freshwater research networks worldwide. Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to: (1) the identification of poorly known areas of potentially high freshwater biodiversity, (2) the development of a global classification of freshwater ecosystems, (3) understanding the extent and drivers of the decline in freshwater biodiversity, and solutions to reverse this trend, or (4) how to collate, harmonize, analyze, and synthesize data on freshwater biodiversity. We also invite papers about global outreach and novel communication tools that foster preservation of freshwater biodiversity.

We would ❤️ to see you there! Many thanks to @BenthosNews for hosting us!


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